Though TJ is a school for science and technology, many students choose to continue music studies at the curricular and extracurricular level. Numerous music groups at TJ perform at school events, regular concerts, and competitions.

Orchestra is a class at TJ that you can take for credit. You will play in one of two advanced levels for a 40 minute block on Monday, and 95 minute block on Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. The orchestras all play at a Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Pre-Festival Concert, District XI festival, and Spring Concert. All orchestra members also have the option of going on the Spring Trip. Members of the Symphonic Orchestra play at the annual Viennese Ball, one of the most popular school dances of the year and a fundraiser for the orchestras.

As an orchestra member, you have the opportunity to audition for Junior District Orchestra (as a freshman) or Senior Regional Orchestra (9-12). In the Winter and Spring concerts, the Symphonic orchestra performs full orchestra pieces with TJ Band members. There are other opportunities to play in smaller chamber ensembles at TJ events, and individual practice rooms are open during lunch and 8th period.

TJ orchestra is your opportunity to play advanced music with other students who love to make music in addition to focusing on academics. It is possible, with proper planning, to take orchestra for as many of your 4 TJ years as you would like. You still fulfill all the academic requirements in addition to recieving a musical education at school.

If you have questions for Ms. Bailey, our director, you can email her at [email protected].

Feel free to attend any of our concerts during the year to see and hear the orchestras for yourself!

See you in the music wing!

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